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QED USA.COM - Some of the finest After Shave Balms I've ever used! Sinks completely into the skin, soothes and lightly moisturizes.  Charles QED USA.COM 

Paul G. - Deserves 10 stars! This line of creams have given me the smoothest, closest shaves of any soap /cream in my life!

Michael D.- Gift for my Daughter .My daughter is vegan and appreciates the Elvado line of products. I casually mentioned that there were also synthetic shaving she is now on board with the vegan cream and brushes

William B.- Impressive Shaving Cream! Have recently used Proraso & Geo. F. Trumper's shaving creams and compared to such, this one is excellent. Makes a nice foam (requiring little product) and the Royal Tahitian Lime smells awesome (NB: just like a Key lime pie). The organic elements are an added bonus to the overall quality of the product. 

Kirk - Post Shave balm.  I must say this balm is the bomb!!!  So soothing, the texture is just right and the smell is terrific.  I look forward to shaving and using this every morning.

Barry B. - Can't remember ever using a better shaving cream. A thumbnail size is all you need for a complete lather. Smells great and leaves skin nice and moisturized. And it is a Canadian product! Will Definitely buy again.

Brad L. - LIME PIE!! WOW! This is by far, my new favorite shaving cream Truly amazing scent, great slickness, and glide, and very well packaged in that metal screw top tin, and price is spot on! Small amount, goes a very long way! I have a full tin, and thinking of ordering more!

How to Lather with a Shaving Brush  - Helpful video tips from Rob at Shaveology. Shaveology   



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